User Help

Which applications can be used with iNetFusion?

iNetFusion works best for applications which use a lot of Network Endpoints(sockets). Torrent Clients, WebBrowsing and other multiended downloads are meant to gain significant boost in network connectivity and response time with iNetFusion.

Which of my adapters are displayed by iNetFusion?

Only Adapter(Interfaces) with internet connectivity are displayed by iNetfusion. Our smart Internet Connectivity manager checks each of your network adapter for internet connectivity by running some tests and selects interfaces with internet connectivity for iNetFusion.

How do I get my latest internet connection added for iNetFusion?

You don't have to do anything, iNetFusion automatically monitors network changes on your system and would detect a network adapter coming up or going down. It automatically manages your internet connections and selects appropiate network adapters for aggregation. For e.g if you connect to a Wifi Network which has internet access, You will automatically see it being listed by iNetFusion.

What about Captive Portal Logins?

Since Captive Portals need a UserName and Password to enable internet access, iNetFusion won't list a Network Adapter until you have logged in for it. After you login just click on stop and then start again to force iNetFusion to recheck Internet Connectivity on your unlisted Network adapters.
In a different scenario you may have other internet connections listed for iNetFusion such as a Ethernet (shared Internet) and a 4G Data Dongle. Now here if you want to do your Captive Portal Login over Wifi you will have to disable iNetFusion by clicking stop and then login with the Captive Portal over Wifi and then click Start iNetFusion. The wifi and other available internet connections shall be listed for iNetFusion now.To Logout of Captive Portal just click disable on your other internets and leave your wifi enabled and logout. A single computer can be logged in to a Captive Portal multiple times over different adapters(such as Wifi and Ethernet) using multiple logins for a faster internet experience. iNetFusion will list each of these adapters and take full advantage of each of your logins.